How to Cook Beef Cheek

Some might find beef cheek to be quite a surprise on a restaurant’s menu. However, once you’ve tried it you might want to try to learn just how to cook beef cheek. In reality, the tender braised meat will take quite an effort to prepare and cook. It may yet be one of the toughest meat cuts you’ll ever encounter. Our guide will show you how to cook it and make it tender.

Needed Ingredients

Here are the ingredients how to cook beef cheek. Obviously you’ll need beef cheek, two cloves of garlic, four stalks of celery, and four medium sized carrots. You’ll also need beef bones, an onion, salt, olive oil, thyme, ground black pepper, a bay leaf, and rosemary. Ready your oven along with a large pot and its cover.

How to Cook Beef Cheek

To make this tough meat tender you’ll need to braise it. The first step in how to cook beef cheek is to roast the beef bones in your oven. 15 minutes of roasting will be all you need to do this. Mince your garlic, chop carrots, and prepare your celery stalks. Grab a large pot and toss in all the said herbs and vegetables and add a bay leaf for added flavor. Add some water into the pot and simmer.

After simmering, here are your next steps on how to cook beef cheek. Add your roasted beef bones into your pot and add water in order to make sure that everything is immersed. Adjust the heat to a slow boil and cook the whole mixture for about an hour. Make periodic inspections just to make sure you don’t run out of water.

After an hour, remove the beef bones and the bay leaf, which means you’ll be using the rest of the mixture as your stock. Sprinkle your beef cheek with pepper and salt. Chop a couple of stalks of celery, carrots, and onions. Remember to mince your garlic and then sauté everything.

Next, you sauté your beef cheek in olive oil and add a few dashes of rosemary and some thyme. Drop the herbs and vegetables into the pot and stir. Drop the beef cheek, stir, and cover. Let the whole thing braise for a minimum of one hour. Poke the meat using a fork to check if it’s already tender. If the meat is already tender then you are ready to serve.

Tips: These are our steps on how to cook beef cheek. You might have to order beef cheek in advance so call your butcher ahead of time. Add wine to create an exotic flavor to this dish.

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