How to Cook Beer Can Chicken

Needed Items

You’ll need the following items to cook beer can chicken. You’ll need whole chicken, whether you want one or more it will all be up to you. You’ll need a six pack of 12 ounce beer in cans, three lemons, six cloves of garlic, a direct fire barbecue pit, charcoal, rubber gloves, and a pizza pan – a 12 inch one will do just nicely.

How to Cook Beer Can Chicken

The first step to cook beer can chicken is to start up the heat in your barbecue pit using a generous amount of coals. In the mean time wash your chickens. Remember to remove the giblets as you wash them. Pat them dry with a paper towel when you are done.

Here are the next steps to cook beer can chicken. It is now time to open your beer cans. You are doing this simply just to remove the pressure off the cans. Pour a fourth of the beer in each can into a container and save it for later. Using a can opening, open the top of a can up to about three fourths of the way. You then push down the top into the beer can. Set the cans aside since we’ll use those after the next steps below.

In the next steps to cook beer can chicken we will be concerned about adding flavor to the food. Slice lemons into two and squeeze each into your open cans of beer and add all that into the rhine. You then chop up garlic and add them into each of the concoctions. You will usually get a chemical reaction as soon as you add the garlic cloves. Now your beer and flavoring are ready.

We’re now ready to actually cook beer can chicken. This next part will be the tricky deal among all the steps in this recipe. The goal is to insert your open beer can into a chicken’s bottom until it’s firmly seated. The trick with this is to keep your chicken sitting straight up so as not to spoil the beer and flavorings. You better do this nice and slow if it’s your first time to cook beer can chicken. Once you’re done, season the chicken with lemon pepper.

Your coals ought to be ready by now. Place your pan over them and pour over the left over beer you set aside earlier. Place your chickens on the pan in a triangle sitting back to back. This way they support each other the whole time. Place giblets in the bottom, cover, and then cook for about three to four hours.

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