How to Cook Cube Steak

Cooking cube steak is an inexpensive but delicious way to add flavor to ho hum meals. Here are some recipes you can prepare without too much trouble.

Cube Steaks with Mushroom Cream

Start by obtaining the following ingredients. You can replace or add to the seasonings listed.


Cube steaks (here 8 pieces are used)
Water (half a cup)
Onions (2 pieces, medium)
Cream of mushroom (1 can)
Oil (2 tbsp)
Catsup (half a cup)


Spray some of the garlic, salt and pepper on the steaks. Put oil in the frying pan. Place two steaks at a time and start cooking cube steak. Don’t forget to flip the meat after a couple of minutes.

When it’s fully cooked, take them out and put in the other steaks. When all the steaks are cooked, put onions around them and insert back in the pan. Get a small bowl and mix catsup with water.

Add the mushroom cream. Mix thoroughly and pour it over the meat. Stir the mixture. Keep the lid on (not too tightly) and allow it to simmer for 40 minutes. Pour the mix into a serving bowl. You may serve it with bread or some potatoes on the side.

Cube Steak with Stuffing

This recipe for cooking cube steak uses a lot of the same ingredients, but the process is a little different.


Cube steaks
Garlic powder
Large onions (2 pieces, thick slices)
Mushroom soup or celery soup (1 can; there are other dressings available in stores)


Heat the pan and fry the steaks on one side only. Apply some of the dressing on the uncooked side. Get a toothpick and fold the steak crosswise. Use the toothpick to keep it in place.

Place the onions in a pot. Put the steaks there also. Pour the remaining mushroom soup in the container. Make sure to pour over the meat when cooking cube steak. Put the lid on. Turn it to low heat and let it simmer for 90 minutes. It’s a good idea to shake the container every so often to prevent any sticking of the contents.

You can add some vegetables around the final 45 minutes of cooking. Serve the dish hot.

Buying Tips

No matter how well you cook, it won’t do you any good if the meat is spoiled. Look at the package itself. Make sure there aren’t any tears in the package. The best meats are marked prime; next in line is choice. Given a choice, buy from the butcher and not packaged ones.

Never buy steaks that are tender. When you hold the meat, it should be firm. The texture should look fine as well. The best color is light red. Never buy gray meat. Always look to buy meat with thin threads of fat around it. This will give the steak great flavor.

These are just some of the ways cooking cube steak can be done. Over time, you’ll be able to come up with other, even more scrumptious ways of cooking.

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