How to Cook Lobster

Lobster is a delectable seafood treat known for its distinctively pleasant taste and flavor. Two of the highly popular recipes that make use of this simple yet delicious ingredient are Lobster Thermidor and Lobster Newberg. For those who want to learn how to cook lobster, they can try yummy, exotic and relatively easy dishes such as Lobster with Brandy Cream Sauce and Seafood Salad with Pasta.

Lobster with Brandy Cream Sauce

A quick and delicious way of enjoying lobster, this recipe makes use of different ingredients such as an onion, a stick of butter and a pound of cooked lobster meat. Likewise, prepare a teaspoon of fennel, ¼-cup of brandy and 2-pieces of shredded carrots. Additional components include ½-teaspoon of saffron, ½-teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of salt. For added taste and flavor, bring in 2-cups of heavy cream and ½-teaspoon lemon juice.

Get the lobster meat and then cut it into 1-inch pieces. Lay aside for some time. Set the stove to medium-high heat. Get the frying pan and then use the butter to sauté the carrots and onions. Simply add the lobster and wait for it to acquire glazed color. Heat the brandy and then pour over the lobster. Set it on fire and wait until the flame dies down. Put in the cream, the lemon juice and seasonings as well. Stir thoroughly and then serve.

Seafood Salad with Pasta

Lobster can also be used to cook Seafood Salad with Pasta. The ingredients are very simple, which include three stalks of celery, 10-ounces of cooked lobster and 2-cups of multicolored pasta twirls. At the same time, get a half-piece of yellow or green pepper, 4 to 5 pieces of green onions and 2 to 3 ounces of sliced black olives. The other important ingredients are a teaspoon of lemon juice, ½-cup of salad dressing and 6-ounces of shredded cheese. Likewise, bring at least a tablespoon each of salt and pepper for added taste and flavor.

The first part is to cook the pasta. After that, wash with cold water thoroughly. Drain. In a nice large bowl, combine the pepper, chopped green onions, and celery. Cut the lobster into smaller pieces and then place it on the bowl. Drain the can of olives and then add as well. Follow them with the lemon juice, salad dressing and the drained pasta. Gently toss and mix the ingredients together. Add small amounts of salt and pepper, depending on the desired taste. It is also possible to add parsley and cherry tomatoes for better results. Refrigerate for at least an hour, serve and enjoy.

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