How to Cook London Broil

Although there are meats sold and labeled as such, cooking London broil yourself will provide you the exact flavor you prefer. Here are quick and easy ways to learn how to prepare this delectable dish.

Ingredients for Broiled London Broil

Beef flank (2 lbs)
Italian salad dressing (1/3 cup)
Cooking oil
Red wine (2 tbsp)
Garlic (1 piece, minced)


Put the salad dressing, garlic and vinegar in a bowl. Mix them together. Add a little bit of cooking oil as well. Put the steak on a baking pan and make some incisions. Apply some of the marinade on the meat. Put clean plastic over the pan. Store it in the fridge for 60 minutes.

Remove it from the fridge and throw away the marinade. Turn on the broiler before cooking London broil. Put the pan a couple of inches above the heat source. If you want it done medium, cook for 8 minutes per side. Cook for a couple minutes longer if you want the steak well done.

Ingredients for Grilling London Broil

Cooking oil (1/2 cup)
Lemon juice (3 tbsp)
Wine vinegar (3 tbsp)
Soy sauce (1 tbsp)
Minced garlic (1 piece)
Seasonings: 1 tbsp of black pepper and parsley


Combine all the ingredients (except the meat) in a bowl. Mix them to make a marinade. Make several diagonal cuts along the steak. Put some of the marinade on the meat.

Make certain that the whole meat is covered with the marinade. Cover the steak and baking dish in a plastic. Place it in the fridge for 90 minutes before cooking London broil. Broil it for 20 minutes.

London Broil with Bacon


Flank steak or round steak (4 lbs)
Black pepper (3 tsp)
Salt (1/2 tsp)
Corn starch (1 tsp)
Thyme (1/3 tsp)
Red wine vinegar (2 tsp)
Honey (1 tbsp)
Stout ale (1/2 cup)
Bay leaf (1)
Some garlic and onion


Cut the meat into smaller pieces. Get rid of excessive fats. Take off the membrane on the corners. Slice the bacon into ¼ pieces. Cut the onions and garlic into smaller pieces. Heat the oven up to 270 F. Spray some pepper and salt on the meat. Apply some cornstarch on the steaks.

Sprinkle some thyme on the bacon strips. Set the thyme against the bacon firmly before cooking London broil. This is to ensure the flavor sticks. Make half a dozen cuts on the broil. Insert garlic and bacon in the holes. Put some oil on the pot and put the steak there. Place some onions on top of the meat.

Mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl. Pour them over the steak. Top it off with some salt and pepper. Cover it with foil and bake for three hours. Do not open the oven door at any point.

When it’s cooked, let the London broil rest for 15 minutes. Get a knife and cut it into thin slices. Serve them hot.

Cooking London broil isn’t that complicated. Now that you know how to prepare and cook it, there’s little need to go and buy those meats being labeled as London broil.

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