How to Cook Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are known for their unique taste, distinctive flavor, and nutritional value.

They are widely used in the world of cooking, specifically in countries like the United States and Mexico, where they are prepared either mashed or whole.

In the past, they were considered part of the staple foods for the poor and served with cabbage, milk, and cornbread.

In terms of nutritional value, they serve as a great source of protein. Today, people use them for preparing various types of delectable dishes including Texas-Style Pinto Beans and Ham Hocks with Pinto Beans.

Texas-Style Pinto Beans

For something quick and easy, this recipe is good, especially for people who like to learn how to cook pinto beans.

The ingredients are very simple, which include ¼-pound butter, 2-pieces chopped jalapeno peppers, and 2-pieces of diced fresh tomatoes. Season the dish with at least ½-teaspoon of salt and ½-teaspoon of pepper.

This recipe also needs a piece of chopped large-size onion as well as a pound of pinto beans.

Place the pinto beans in a nice clean container. Pour in some water enough to cover them. Soak them overnight. The following day, drain them right away.

Put them inside a pot and then cover them once again with water. Place the pot on top of a medium-heat stove. Cook the beans until they are tender. Set them aside.

After this, drain the water. Get a saucepan, and then place it on top of the stove. Set it to medium heat. Melt the butter and sauté the jalapeno peppers, fresh tomatoes, and onion.

Add the pepper and salt. Get the beans and then pour them in as well. Pour in a can of beer and then cook the dish for 30 minutes more.

Ham Hocks with Pinto Beans

For those who wish to cook this particular recipe, the ingredients include 3 pieces of large cloves garlic, 2 pounds of dry pinto beans, and at least 3 pieces of smoked ham hocks.

In addition, prepare a piece of chopped large-size onion. After completing the components, you may start cooking this dish by putting the garlic, onion, and ham hocks inside a large cooking pot.

Pour in some water enough to fill ¾ of the pot. Set the stove to medium heat and then cook the hocks for about an hour or two.

When the hocks are tender, add more water together with the pinto beans. Cook for another hour or two until the pinto beans are done.

For added zest and taste, you can always add jalapeno peppers. This particular dish is good for six to eight individuals.