How to Cook Polish Sausage

Also referred to as kielbasa, polish sausage is a widely used ingredient in culinary arts. Together with the right mix of other important ingredients, people can easily turn it into delectable and sumptuous dishes. Its fine taste and delectable flavor easily endeared it to many people. In order to experience this wonderful ingredient, it is good to know how to cook polish sausage. Here is a quick take on simple and delicious recipes like Polish Sausage with Yellow Rice, Macaroni Dish with Polish Sausage and Polish Sausage Soup.

Polish Sausage with Yellow Rice

For people who are interested in this particular recipe, the important ingredients include a piece of quartered onion, a bag of yellow rice mix and a loop of polish sausage. Additionally, drain a small can of sliced mushrooms. Using a Dutch oven, pour in the right amount of water as required by the instructions found in the pack of yellow rice mix. After that, put the onion and mushrooms as well. Get the sausage and then slice it into 1½-inch cuts. Add the pieces to the pot as well. Wait for the rice mix to cook and then serve.

Macaroni Dish with Polish Sausage

This is another easy-to-prepare recipe, which makes use of simple ingredients such as a box of Velveeta and Shell macaroni mix, a piece of bay leaf and a can of beer. More importantly, prepare 1½-pounds of polish sausage. After gathering the right ingredients, start by slicing the sausage into bite-size pieces.

Set the skillet on top of a medium-heat stove. Add oil and then add the sausage slices. Once they turn brown, add the bay leaf and beer. Put the cover on and then simmer for at least20 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the macaroni mix by following the instructions indicated at the back of every pack. Drain the sausage slices and then take out the bay leaf. Combine the macaroni with the sausage slices. Mix thoroughly and serve.

Polish Sausage Soup

For people who love soup, prepare 6-cups of beef broth, 2-teaspoons of bacon fat and a cup of chopped onions. Likewise, bring in 16-ounces of diced tomatoes, 16-ounces sauerkraut and 12-ounces of beer. Furthermore, get at least a pound of sliced kielbasa sausage, a teaspoon of crushed red pepper and 2-tablespoons of brown sugar. In addition, bring in at least 3-cups of diced raw potatoes.

Get a nice frying pan and then set it on top of a medium-heat stove. Pour in bacon fat and then use it to sauté the onion. After that, add the red pepper flakes, brown sugar, tomatoes, sauerkraut, beer and broth. Wait until it boils and then simmer for about an hour without the cover. Put in the potatoes and sausage as well. Put the cover on and then wait for about 30 minutes to cook. Serve and enjoy.

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