How to Cook Pork Chops

Cooking pork chops only requires a few ingredients and some patience. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a kitchen wizard, you’ll be able to prepare the recipe without too much hassle.


Pork chops (the quantity is up to you)
Cooking oil (vegetable or olive oil)
Rosemary leaves (you may use thyme or other herbs)


Thaw the pork if it’s frozen. The best way is to put the pork in a microwave. You can also put the pork in a container and let cold water run over it. Stainless steel or anodized aluminum is the best option. Next, put the pan above the stove. Set the heat level to medium high. When cooking pork chops, you should add some salt and pepper to it.

Wait until the pan is hot before you add the oil. Never put oil until the pan is hot. Put the chops in the pan carefully. Let the pork chops cook there for five minutes.

Look at the edges. When it rises above the pan, turn the pork over. Use a spatula for this task. Do not flip the pork before the edges lift because it will tear the chops into small pieces.

Before turning the pork over, take the rosemary and crush it in your hands. Sprinkle them into the pan. Once this is done, keep cooking. When the edges curl, flip and add more of the rosemary. Aside from the rosemary, you can also add the other seasonings when cooking pork chops.

Adding the Water and Wine

When it’s cooked, remove the pork from the pan. You can add more seasonings and herbs if you like. Set them on a plate. Put some wine or water on the pan. Scrape off any small pieces left there.

The liquid will boil and dissipate. When it’s almost gone, a sound will emanate. Take some butter and put it in the pan. Swirl it around a few times. Return the chops in the pan along with the juices. Turn the chops over the other side so it is coated too. Now you can put it back on the plate and serve it.

Tips and Warnings

Adding wine when cooking pork chops is optional. Most like to add white wine but you can just stick with water or broth. Just make sure that the water you add is cold.

If you like your pork hot and spicy, add some pepper or chili. You can add red, green or yellow peppers. Hot sauce can be used in place of the rosemary. Others like to season the pork with onions or garlic.

The USDA suggests cooking up to 150 F to prevent contamination. This is to ensure that all the bacteria are dead.

There are many other ways pork chops can be cooked. Once you learn the basics, you can go over some cookbooks or recipe guides on the Net. The point to remember when adding seasonings is this: what do you want the pork to taste like?

Once you learn the art of cooking pork chops, you’ll probably be having it more frequently. Sumptuous and tasty, it makes for great comfort food.

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