How to Cook Pork Loin

Whether it’s a casual meal or an elegant supper, cooking pork loin will present exciting and tasty possibilities at the dinner table. If you’ve never cooked this before, the following is the basic process.


Garlic cloves (4 pieces)
Salt (1 tsp)
Rosemary (2 tablespoons)
Pepper (1 tsp)
Pork loin roast (2 lbs or more)
Olive oil (1/3 cup)
Red wine (optional)

Cooking Process

Turn on the oven and preheat up to 360 degrees. Get a bowl and add the garlic, salt and pepper. Include the rosemary as well. Mix them with a fork. Next get the pork and slice it in a few places. Get the bowl and spray the pork with the mix you just made. Make sure that you put the mixture in to the incisions you made.

Continue cooking pork loin by sprinkling the olive on it. Put the pork on the dish. Cook it for a couple of hours. It needs to be turned one time during the process. Do not forget to baste it with the drippings.

Sprinkle half the wine about ten minutes before cooking time ends. After two hours, take it from the oven. Place it on the serving dish. Get the pan with the drippings. Pour the remaining wine into it. Mix thoroughly and sprinkle on the pork.

Note: the wine is optional. Others like the unique taste it brings but others don’t. Be sure to inform your guests of it before using it.


If you’re cooking pork loin via the grill, the process is even easier. Just put the meat over the heat. Let it cook for 10 minutes. After cooking, let it rest for another 5 minutes. Now you can serve it with any spices or sauces you like. Pork can also be

Serving and Cooking Tips

Some like to butterfly a pork loin as it can be easier to cook. Just cut it lengthwise and spread it open. If necessary, level it gently. Be careful so that it doesn’t break apart. You may add some fruit stuffing or sauce on it. A double butterfly is also possible.

Those cooking pork loin can do this by spreading out two pork loins. Make a sandwich from this and slice the sides. Put the stuffing in there. If you’re going to roast it, you can fasten it with a twins or string.

It’s a good idea to use a digital thermometer. Put the thermometer in the meat. When the readout gets to 155 F, it is cooked. Let it rest for 10 minutes. When it comes to flavoring, there are lots of possibilities.

Marinade can consist of onions, garlic and other ingredients. If you’re going to use citrus juice, keep the marinate time under two hours. Marinating longer than two hours with citrus juice will soften the meat too much.

A lot of people enjoy cooking pork loin. It’s not surprising. It’s not expensive and cooks quick. From big gatherings to snacks, pork can fill up your hunger cravings in many ways.

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