How to Cook Smelt

Smelt (also known as Osmeridae) is a term used to refer to a marine species found in the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean characterized as having a bright orange skin. Aside from the description, the fish commonly grows up to 30 centimeters long. The fish can be used in preparing tasty appetizers and scrumptious entrees. In addition, it can be used to garnish special dishes like sushi. To learn how to cook smelt, it is essential to know the different recipes that use the fish as the primary ingredient.

Deep Fried Smelt

For this recipe, you will need ½ pound smelts, a cup of flour, an egg, ¼ cup vegetable oil, a teaspoon of baking powder, a cup of milk as well as ¼ cup beer. The first step in preparing the dish is to combine all the ingredients except for the fish. Place the mixture in a resealable plastic and put the fishes inside the plastic. Shake the plastic until the fishes are fully coated with the flour mixture. Pour the oil in a small saucepan. Make sure that the temperature of the oil reaches 375 degrees Fahrenheit before placing the fishes in the pan. Deep fry for two minutes to three minutes. When the color of the fishes turns golden brown, remove from the pan and serve immediately.

Smoked Smelt

To cook the dish, you need a pound of smelts, a cup of rock salt, a cup of white sugar, a tablespoon of liquid smoke, four tablespoons soy sauce, four tablespoons Worcestershire sauce, two quarts water, a bay leaf and three fresh dill heads. Put all the ingredients in the water except for the fishes. Boil the mixture in a small pot. Put the fishes in the mixture and set the heat to low. Cook the fishes for eight hours. Remove the fishes from the pot and expose to air for 45 minutes. Preheat smoker and put the fishes in the smoker. Cook for four hours.

Smelt Fry

The ingredients for the recipe are 1/2 pound smelts, two cups flour, two tablespoons salt and a tablespoon of ground black pepper. Place all the ingredients in a resealable plastic. Shake the plastic until the fishes are fully coated. Place a skillet over medium fire and heat oil. Put the fishes in the skillet and fry until the color of the fishes becomes golden brown. Line paper towels in a small bowl. Place the fishes in the bowl. When excess oil was removed, transfer the fishes in a clean plate and serve immediately.

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