How to Cook Steak

The following method for cooking steak is for the well done variety. You can use the same techniques for rare and medium types but the cooking time needs to be less.


cooking oil
Seasoning (salt, pepper, spice, garlic, it’s up to you)
Lemon juice or wine
Butter (optional)

Precooking Preparations

Start by rinsing the steaks with water. Pat until it dries and make holes in the steak with a fork. Make several holes in it. Repeat the process on the other side. Add some salt.


Put some cooking oil in the pan. Turn it up into medium heat. Begin cooking steak by tossing the meat in the pan. Cover with a lid. Just leave it there for 60 seconds. Take it away from the heat. Do not take off the cover until the sizzle stops. Remove the lid and turn the meat over. You can use a spatula for this task. Put the lid back on. Place it back on the heat for 90 seconds.

Adding Flavor

After 90 seconds, lift it from the heat. Let the sizzle stop and then open the lid. Turn it over and sprinkle some salt (or whatever flavoring you want to add). Add as many spices as you want.

Continue cooking steak by putting the pan back on the heat for five minutes. Repeat the process described earlier and add flavoring to the other side. Replace the lid and return to the heat. After five minutes, cooking is done.

Note: this is where the holes come into play. By making the holes absorption of the juices and flavoring becomes possible. You can cook without making these holes, however. Try both to see which better suits your taste.

Tips and Hints

If the pan gets dry, pour half a cup of water with a squeeze of lemon. Do not add any more oil. Remove the lid after the sizzle stops. Take off the lid and set it near the heat. Wait until the water has disappeared. Replace the ladder and keep it near the heat for half a minute.

When cooking steak, you can add more flavor by sautéing the onions. Sauté the onions (add garlic if you like) in the pan. Leave it there while you cook the meat. Adding wine will give the meat a unique flavor. You may or may not add water; it depends on the wine variety. If you add wine, don’t put in lemon juice.

This cooking method is very effective for steaks less than an inch thick. For steaks more than an inch thick, reduce the time for the second part by two minutes (instead of five minutes, make it two).

Use a higher heat setting if you don’t want the meat too tender. Those who want it tender should stick to medium heat. Adding papaya juice will help tenderize it.

Contrary to what some believe, cooking steak is not so difficult. In fact, the many ways it can be readied makes it a joy to prepare.

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