How to Cook Venison Sausage

As with other recipes, cooking venison sausages will be much easier when all the ingredients and materials are already set. When they’re ready, just follow the instructions.


Ground venison (10 lbs)
Ground pork (5 lbs)
Mustard powder (4 tbsp)
Sausage casing
Smoke salt


Pour the ground venison and pork in a bowl. Mix them thoroughly. Get another bowl and combine them. Add the seasonings with the pork and venison. Note: you can sprinkle some pepper if you want your sausages spicy. Cover the container. Put it in the fridge for 24 hours. Repeat this process for as many sausages as you need.

Take out the bowl and put some of the meat into the casings. Fill it up but make sure that the casings don’t come apart. When cooking venison sausages, you should try to add as much meat in the casings as possible without ripping it apart.


Preheat the oven. Get the sausages on the rack. Give the sausages some space. Don’t stuff the rack with it. Cook them for 8 hours at 140 F. If you bake at 280 degrees, the cooking time will be 4 hours. Allow the sausages to rest for 5 minutes after cooking.


Frying is very easy. Add some oil on the pan. Put the sausages inside the pan. Cook at medium heat. Roll the sausages over so cooking will be thorough. Continue cooking venison sausages until the liquid has dissipated. Place the sausages on a paper towel to get rid of any excess oil. Serve it while it’s hot.

Other Cooking Suggestions

There are other ways you can prepare venison sausages. Add some cilantro, garlic and pepper to the meat. Combine it with some tomatoes and onions. Include some beans and keep cooking until the beans are ready. Add a few more cooked sausages before serving.

Another way is to steam the sausages. Combine sausages with a cup of beer. Steam it at medium heat levels for ten minutes. Afterwards you can cook it for a few more minutes on the grill.

Others who are into cooking venison sausages like to add it to spaghetti. Get the meats and boil until the water dissipates. Let it turn brown a little. Slice it into edible chunks and include in the spaghetti sauce.

You can also steam the sausages in ale and add some berries. Others like to give it flavor by putting in wine or other beverages.
There’s really no limit to what you can add with this meat.

Buying Tips

The guidelines for buying other meats should be followed here. That is, never buy packages that have holes or punctures. Check the expiration dates and avoid any meat that has an unusual or foul smell. Store the meats and pork in the fridge or freezer. Even if it’s in the freezer, storing for months on end is not recommended.

If you’ve never tried cooking venison sausages, it will come as a pleasant surprise. It isn’t just delicious, but it’s versatile enough to fit in a lot of dishes.

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